We create products that bring couples the pleasure of intimacy and their health benefits!


Intimate lubricant gels «JUICY FRUIT» moisturizes, stimulates and sharpens sensitivity while creating a passionate and sensual experience. Suitable for both partners. Prevents irritation in the intimate areas.

This universal, water-based lubricant gel can be used for various intimate activities as well as overcoming possible difficulties and avoiding inconvenient and unpleasant sensations.

«JUICY FRUIT» intimate gel is perfect for light massages of the erogenous zones, as well as for the most delicious oral caresses.

The natural ingredients and essential oils contained in this gel lubricant can assist in improving blood circulation and vivacity as well as adding a burst of energy. Easy to wash off with water, does not leave a sticky sensation. Safe for use with rubber and latex, as well as with items designed to sharpen and diversify sexual relationships.

  • Intimate lubricant gel «juicy fruit multifruit» edible
  • Intimate lubricant gel «juicy fruit melon» edible
  • Intimate lubricant gel «juicy fruit baileys» edible
  • Intimate lubricant gel «juicy fruit coconut» edible
  • Intimate lubricant gel «juicy fruit pina colada» edible
  • Intimate lubricant gel edible